Citizens Development Corps


Capacity & Experience

With the objective of helping communities and organizations become successful, CDC is committed to providing the latest tools in development management, marketing, operations, and industry specific business strategy. We build local capacity, introduce new technology and transfer skills, create supplier and distributor networks, and enhance trade opportunities forВclients in emerging economies and in the United States.

Through our network of more than 7,000 volunteers from businesses, colleges and universities, local governments and NGO communities in the United States, we provide direction, skills, models and other business tools to the communities, private enterprises and institutions that support them. Our activities have successfully promoted economic reform, identified new market opportunities, created jobs, stimulated investment, developed trade links and developed local capacity and sustainability. CDC is recognized for proven management abilities and has built a solid reputation as a high-impact, cost-effective organization that combines the unmatched skills and abilities available in the American business community with funding from USAID, other donors and private sources. The result is the design and implementation of innovative cost-recovery, cost-sharing and collaborative programs.

CDC brings more than ten years of experience in providing customized and effective technical assistance for clients in Russia and the Caucausus, Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, , Вand Africa

With the acquisition of CDC’s MBA Enterprise Corps (MBAEC), CDC also has the capacity to place MBA graduates with three to five years of business experience in local enterprises, business services providers, and/or with organizations targeting specific industry clusters. MBA volunteers perform a one-year assignment with their clients and provide them with the latest tools in strategic planning, marketing, operations, financial management and competitiveness. The MBA Enterprise Corps’ consortium is comprised of 52 top U.S. business schools, and is an excellent resource that can be called upon throughout the course of the project to lend its expertise. Approximately 550 Corps members have provided assistance in all aspects of management and technology transfer to well over 700 enterprises, BSPs, and associations in 20 countries on four continents.


MBA is an education for business! Be rich and happy!